Americana Music Academy Kids Camps

Scenic Roots has partnered with the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, KS to offer all-inclusive traveling kids camps.  These camps range from one day to one week and can support up to fifty kids, age 5 to 13.  The camps include sing-alongs, vocal improvisation, folk dance, drum circles, crafts, and an introduction to traditional American instruments and music.  Contact the Americana Music Academy at americanamusicacademy@gmail.com or 785-830-9640.

School programs

Scenic Roots offers school programs for all grades.  Programs can be presented as school assemblies, single grade-level groups, or individual classes.  All school programs are designed to cover core music standards.  Download a sample of the Educational Standards We Address.

Historic programs

Scenic Roots offers historic programs for all ages.  They take audiences on a journey through the roots of American music, teaching them about the instruments and cultures that influenced our nation’s music.  Certain periods of history can be addressed in greater detail, depending on the focus of the event.  Download a sample of our Historic Program.


Scenic Roots offers workshops for festivals or music groups.  These multi-instrument workshops help participants learn to play together, develop group arrangements, and present live performances.  They also conduct master class workshops with bands working to develop better stage presence and song arrangements.  Download a sample of the Workshops We Offer.

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Lessons with Amber Rogers


Amber offers private lessons at her home studio in Concordia, KS, or en route on tour.  She teaches piano, fiddle, banjo (claw hammer or 3-finger), hammered dulcimer, and beginning guitar.  She teaches all ages, from age 3 to adult.  Lesson rates are $30/half hour or $40/hour. Private lessons occur 1-4 times a month depending on the Scenic Roots tour schedule.  Contact Amber directly at scenicroots@live.com or 785-614-3817.


Amber offers Skype lessons for fiddle, banjo, hammered dulcimer, and ensembles.  These lessons can happen from across the country via an internet connection. Skype lessons rates are $40/hour. Lessons may be purchased via Paypal in the STORE.


Amber offers many different workshops for a variety of instruments including fiddle, hammered dulcimer, banjo, ensemble, and music business classes.  Instrument workshops may focus on technique-building or tune arrangements, from the beginner to the master class.  Music Business classes may include topics about copyright law, forming a business, taxes, tour support, contracts, cd replication, marketing, etc.  Workshop rates will be negotiated to fit your group’s needs.  Download a sample list of workshop topics HERE.

Lessons with Erin Rogers

Private Lessons

Erin offers private lessons for mountain dulcimer at any level.  The lessons will occur in the student’s home, timed around the Scenic Roots tour schedule.  When Scenic Roots is not on tour, Erin is usually available for lessons in the central Kansas region.  Check the Calendar to find out when she will be near you.  Lesson rates are $50/hour.  Contact Erin directly at scenicroots@live.com or 785-614-4061.

Skype Lessons

Erin offers on-line lessons via Skype for any mountain dulcimer player, anywhere the internet is available.  Lessons can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, or random basis.  Skype lesson rates are $40/hour.  Lessons may be purchased via Paypal in the STORE.


Erin offers a variety of workshops for dulcimer clubs, festivals, or you and your friends in the living room.  Workshops can be catered to any level and focus either on technique or repertoire.  Workshop rates will be negotiated to fit your group’s needs.  Download a sample list of possible workshop topics HERE.

Dulcimer Crossing

Erin is a guest instructor for DulcimerCrossing.com.  This subscription-based site allows students to take virtual lessons at their own pace from a variety of instructors.

Quiet Sunshine/ Speaking

Erin is also available to speak about her experience with cancer.  She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 20 and shares about her journey of faith and struggle.  She can prepare talks for fifteen minutes to an hour.  Speaking rates are negotiable—please contact Erin directly at scenicroots@live.com or 785-614-4061.[/toggle]

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